Sierra y Cielo is a homestead inspired by ecological dynamics. We are regenerating a depleted hillside, building soil fertility and expanding species diversity, through permaculture design, and earnest ecological mimicry.

Sierra y Cielo offers custom tours of their homestead, as well as any of Sacred Sueños by appointment only. The cost is $30 for a group of 1-6. We can also provide a snack ($5/person), and/or a lunch ($10/person). Please submit our tour reservation form and we will contact you to confirm availability.

We also offer an assortment of products from our farm! 


Yves is one of the founders of Sacred Sueños. He was a pretty large part of building much of Refuge before he began work on what is now Sierra y Cielo, in 2010. He can’t seem to stop building, and making new gardens. He has before, and is open to teaching and giving workshops on permaculture design, agro-ecological principles, natural building techniques (such as cob, adobe, earth-bag, wattle and daub), holistic pasture management and animal care (horses, goats, ducks, chickens, rabbits), and more. Costs/work exchange are negotiable.