The Refuge is a small homestead pioneered in June of 2004, on land so degraded by decades of unsustainable agricultural practices that nearly nothing could grow in the soil. Much has changed, with the dedicated help of many wonderful people who have come from all over the world to participate and experience life here.

This is the housing facilities for visitors. There’s a community kitchen, remarkable library, beautiful yoga deck, composting toilet, and outdoor solar shower. Accommodations include four private bedroom cabins, and a dormitory with two double, and a twin bunk bed. There are several garden spaces, and fruit trees, available.

The Refuge is a great escape from the trappings of modern society. Here, being off-road, off-grid, and off-line, you can rest and recharge.

It’s also a chance to experience a no-waste lifestyle, living with a light ecological footprint. There are tools and techniques available here, for you to take with you anywhere.

You can come to work on the land or buildings. You can come for a number of possible education offerings from the folk at Sierra y Cielo. You can just come to relax, be in the peace of nature among like minded travelers, and enjoy the hikes through the surrounding mountains. You’re free to choose any combination of the above! For more information about staying at the Refuge, click here.

The Refuge is a twenty minute walk from Sierra y Cielo, where visitors can take tours, participate in workshops, volunteer and intern with, to experience a regenerative homestead in action. There are also trails that take you to waterfalls and stunning views, and through several ecosystems ranging from dry scrub to cloud forest, all within 5 minutes to several hours hike.

The Refuge is also a wonderful setting for group getaways. Being off-road,
off-grid, and off-line, it is an ideal space to focus on what’s
important to you.

Whether it be connecting with family or friends, giving or taking
special classes or workshops, or participating in meditation or yoga
retreats, this a space that could meet your needs, while
immersing your group in the peace and purity of nature. Click here to find out more about reserving the Refuge for your group or gathering.