Become a Community Member!

Sacred Sueños welcomes new community members!

Members call Sacred Sueňos their home, and accept all the privileges and responsibilities that this entails. This can be their home for a few months, or through generations.

If you’re interested in a communal setting with people flowing through regularly, there is room for community members within the Seed Camp. There are also a couple of locations on the mountainside for those who are interested in creating their own project within the Sacred Sueños vision, as well as countless sites for houses for those who are just looking for a wonderful place to live.

To explore these options we ask that you come and volunteer with us, living at the Seed Camp for a month to see how you feel about the place and how you connect with the projects.  If you feel you could call it home, share your intention with us at our weekly circle, and we’ll go from there.