The Community

Sacred Sueños is located on a mountainside covering over a hundred hectares. Most of this land will succeed into a forest, but some of it is a space for a community. At the moment, there are 5 resident community members, and several other members of the Sacred Sueños family.

Resident members hold a circle at least once a week (volunteers and guests are welcome to participate), discussing important issues and events, resolving conflict using non-violent communication, and making decisions by consensus.

Beyond the Seed Camp, and Yves’s site, there are a few other locations open for project development, as well as countless beautiful house sites.

Resident Community Members



I cofounded Sacred Sueňos in 2004, making a 15 year commitment to give to the mountainside. After several years developing the Seed Camp, I began work on the Wild Blossom Farm sight in 2011. I follow a philosophy integrating regenerative design in all aspects of life. I love creating edible forests and gardens, and raising animals, using ecological mimicry to increase biodiversity and productivity. I also spend a lot of time building things.


I came to Sacred Suenos hoping to find a good home for my goat Butters, returning her to her place of birth and giving me a new home at Seed Camp. Making a life at Sacred Suenos has influenced me in ways I never dreamed, also it gave me a platform to cultivate many of the passions I already had. I enjoy working with goats, making cheese, studying traditional nourishing diets, inspiring people to take control of sourcing their own food, and teaching healthy food preparation. I love making things with my hands, working with natural materials like clay, sand, wood or more synthetic materials like used soft plastic or plastic bottles to create living spaces really satisfies my urge to create.



I am an herbalist and a writer with a background in Permaculture Design. Before coming to Sacred Sueños, I co-managed a beautiful forest garden in Michigan, USA. The lessons I learned there in no way prepared me for life in the Andes, but I have gone ahead and jumped in anyway. I’m so glad I did. Mountain living is not quaint or easy, but it is quite incredible and rewarding. I feel grateful that we live in a place where we can breathe clean air and drink fresh, pure water. That’s not something that we can take for granted anymore.

Life at Sacred Sueños enables me to do many of the things I was already passionate about before coming here. As an animal lover, I enjoy tending to our goats, ducks, bunnies, cat, chickens, & my sweet pup, Achira. It also gives me the space to go for hikes with epic views, play in the garden, and create many lovely herbal concoctions.

You can find my musings about food, herbs, & homesteading at: 


Hi, my name is Darcy. I am 49 years old and originally from Canada. I always remember having an insatiable curiosity and it seems to be a primary personality trait for me. Quite early in life it occurred to me that the ultimate mystery to be solved was the purpose/meaning of life or consciousness, and so this became the primary motivation underlying just about everything I do and how I move through life. This curiosity eventually led me to the philosophy of Advaita Vedanta, which in turn motivated me to try and find a way of living that was more in tune with nature; a contemplative life of ease, peace, and harmony so to speak. This in turn led me to the ideas of sustainable living, permaculture, and intentional community, and eventually a home on this beautiful mountain and the community of Sacred Suenos. Besides many many things here such as the beauty, peace,and tranquility, I really appreciate the exchange of ideas in so many different areas and on so many different levels that rarely seems to happen anywhere else other than here. I believe there is something for just about everyone to learn from and benefit from by being here whether it is short term or long term.


Our volunteers are an important part of the community. To read more about some of the lovely folks who have volunteered at Sacred Sueños in the past, click here.

The Animal Family

Our animal family includes three wonderful cats that keep the site mice free; Adobe, Bodhi, Meeshu, and Milo.

The area is well guarded by our dogs, Oso and Achira.

The Logistics Squad includes Jo and Bosque, the horses.

Our goat herd includes Butters and Maple.

We also have rabbits and some chickens and ducks that help feed our egg consumption, and help build up our soil.

Become a Community Member

Sacred Sueños welcomes new community members!

Members call Sacred Sueňos their home, and accept all the privileges and responsibilities that this entails. This can be their home for a few months, or through generations.

If you’re interested in a communal setting with people flowing through regularly, there is room for community members within the Seed Camp. There are also a couple of locations on the mountainside for those who are interested in creating their own project within the Sacred Sueños vision, as well as countless sites for houses for those who are just looking for a wonderful place to live.

To explore these options we ask that you come and volunteer with us, living at the Seed Camp for a month to see how you feel about the place and how you connect with the projects.  If you feel you could call it home, share your intention with us at our weekly circle, and we’ll go from there.

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