Seed Camp is a wonderful setting for group getaways. Being off-road, off-grid, and off-line, it is an ideal space to focus on what’s important to you.

Whether it be connecting with family or friends, giving or taking special classes or workshops, or participating in meditation or yoga retreats, Seed Camp is a space that could meet your needs, while immersing your group in the peace and purity of nature.

Starting at only $100/week, for up to 12 people, you can’t find a better deal!

We offer sheets, blankets, and extra clothing for rental ($1.50/lb to cover laundry).

We offer optional catering services.

We can also arrange for horses to bring up your gear, and if anyone wants to ride up. The Seed Camp is a 1.5-2 hour hike, mostly up hill, from the end of the road. You can only be walk or ride a horse.

It’s smart to plan early, to ensure the availability of seed Camp. Click here to view and submit our reservation form, without commitment, and we’ll respond immediately.

Please select any of the following optional services that you would like to utilize during your stay (see pricing above):