Current Projects

Here are some of the projects that have been initiated, some on the way to completion, some always ongoing:

Tree planting
Bi-weekly we plant different seeds in hope to contribute to our reforestation efforts.
Garden building and care
We are currently fixing up old beds and continuously trying to get a more diverse garden to contribute to our food needs.
Tree care
A couple of times a year we give some human compost, loosen the soil and depending on the season, trim the encroaching brush prune, and irrigate all our orchard and other perennials.
We now have three hives started, but it will be a while before they grow and expand enough for sustainable honey and wax production.
Yves’s Site 
Development of another site located twenty minutes from Seed Camp. For those interested in building we have several ongoing construction projects using various natural building techniques.
General maintenance on site
This includes fixing leaky roofs and pipes, maintaining stairs, cleaning contour bunds, clearing trails, etc..
We are always collecting horse, goat, and rabbit manure and trimming greens from the site for the compost piles. We usually make a new one every six weeks.

Rainwater harvesting
We can have months without rain during the dry season, but when it does rain, it can be very intense. We hope to divert as much of the deluge during the rainy season, storing the water in the soil as well as ponds and cisterns.

Planting and fencing a silvopastoral system
Using a diversity of mainly native multipurpose forage trees rather than grass monoculture, we want to demonstrate that its possible to house a number of ruminants (the aforementioned horses and perhaps a few more goats for surplus cheese production) using a rotating pasture system.