Finished Projects:

The Seed Camp has been a great opportunity for us, and for the many volunteers who have come through. We learn a great deal, especially through mistakes. There has been countless trial and errors, and this will continue for much time to come. Regardless of the setbacks and revisions, a great deal has been accomplished with a very low-budget in only a few years.

Earthbag dam
Constructed with earth bags, this dam supplies the farm for all its water needs.

Water tank
An earthbag (cement lined) water tank with a sand filter intake providing gravity fed water for the shower and irrigation for gardens and orchard.

Stereo and speakers
The installation of a small 12v solar power system, which powers our music vices along with home-made speakers.

Contour ditches
Contour ditches are dug throughout the garden acting as both a soil catchment and a rain catchment. When it rains here, it rains a lot so we try to catch the rain and have it slowly infiltrate into the gardens rather than rushing down the mountain taking all our top soil. During exceptionally wet times, the ditches can also serve to drain the gardens.

Contour bunds
Contour bunds below the ditches act as windbreak and perennial gardens The roots of the perennial plants that feed us and protect the gardens from strong winds, take up water slowly from the ditches. The bunds also contain some native species that provide nutrients through leaf mulch, provide food, and firewood all within the garden, increasing our energy efficiency.

Current Projects

Here are some of the projects that have been initiated, some on the way to completion, some always ongoing:

Rainwater harvesting
We can have months without rain during the dry season, but when it does rain, it can be very intense. We hope to divert as much of the deluge during the rainy season, storing the water in the soil as well as ponds and cisterns.

Planting and fencing a silvopastoral system
Using a diversity of mainly native multipurpose forage trees rather than grass monoculture, we want to demonstrate that its possible to house a number of ruminants, such as our horses and goats, using a rotating pasture system.

Future Projects:

The farm is always growing and we are open to collaborating with volunteers to create and implement new projects! The following projects are what we hope to accomplish. Projects will be added, changed, adapted or disregarded as we learn, and receive exciting new ideas from volunteers and interns.

  • Medicinal herbs
  • Complete garden building to sustain community members
  • Natural structures for more bedrooms
  • Completing rainwater harvesting earthworks and converting some reservoirs into seasonal fish ponds
  • Producing medicinal and gourmet mushrooms
  • Propagating mushrooms for soil mediation
  • Converting composting toilet into biodigester for added benefit of methane production

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