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Fiber & Meat Rabbits

We raise rabbits for fur and meat. For us, it is fun and rewarding. When socialized, rabbits can be really sweet & social pets. Ours are well accustomed to human interaction. We love our bunnies!

Our rabbits are also raised in large cages that give them access to a burrow and to dirt floors. This allows them to live in a way that is similar to what their life would be like in the wild. We also cut a variety fresh greens for our bunnies daily to allow them to balance their own diets and to ensure they are receiving proper nutrients.

Currently Available for Sale:

Breeding Pair: 1 adult female & 1 adult male – $45 for both rabbits

This beautiful breeding pair is looking for a good home. The female is a lovely gray, long furred bunny. The male is a soft, white, short furred bunny. Their litters typically include mixes of short and long furred gray and white bunnies that are useful for meat, lovely fiber, or as pets.

If raising rabbits sounds like it might be for you, this breeding pair would be a great start. We are asking $45 for the two of them.

3 Month old Baby Rabbits – $15 each 

Our most recent litter of babies is now available for sale. These little ones would be great pets or could be raised for meat or fiber. Both white and grey rabbits are available. Please specify if you will be using the rabbits for fiber as some of the babes have longer fur than others. 

Please text/call 098-690-3936 or send an email to wildblossomsfarm@gmail.com with inquiries about any of our rabbits.

Produce Bags

These pretty bags are hand stitched and dyed on site with natural materials. They are perfect for storing produce to allow your fruits, veggies, and fungi to breath, while still protecting them in your market bag or keeping them safe from fruit flies on your counter top.

The bags are made from a sturdy, yet breathable cotton blend and have a drawstring to keep them closed.

Each bag is uniquely special and the colors will vary based on the availability of the plants we use as dyes. We’re always experimenting with new dye plants, so keep an eye out for new, fun colors!

Fuego Tonic

This spicy drink is our version of a well loved folk preparation called fire cider. Fire ciders are used to boost digestion, aid healthy body processes, warm you up on cold days, and help to ward off illness.

Traditionally, fire ciders are vinegar based and include lots of spicy and/or health boosting herbs. Our Fuego Tonic is no exception. We start with a homemade fruit vinegar (exactly what type of fruit vinegar varies by availability of quality fruits) and infuse it with aji peppers and other lovely herbs, many of which are grown on our farm.

We like to enjoy a shot of our Fuego Tonic diluted in a bit of hot water on cold nights. It’s also a delicious, healthy addition to soups, stir fries, and salad dressings. It can also be taken straight if you don’t mind some spice! We like taking bigger, more frequent doses to boost immunity if it seems like illness is threatening to come on.

Ingredients: Wild Blossom fruit vinegar,* onion, garlic, stinging nettle,* turmeric, wild ginger,* lemon,* aji pepper,* thyme,* oregano,* mountain spring water, and panela.

*Indicates this ingredient was grown or produced at Wild Blossoms Farm

DISCLAIMER: We are not doctors or veterinarians. Information provided on this page is for educational purposes only and is not meant to diagnose, treat, or prevent any disease or illness. We speak from years of personal experience, but encourage you to always do your own research when presented with any new information regarding your health or the health of your animals.