The Sacred Sueños always welcomes volunteers who wish to join the community and help out! We provide opportunities for volunteers who are interested in learning about permaculture and living off the land as well as living in a beautiful space for meeting new people, reading, yoga, and meditation. The farm is always growing and we are open to collaborating with volunteers to create and implement new projects. You will be living at the Seed Camp, where we’ve built a community kitchen, a dormitory that sleeps as many as six, three bedroom cabins, a water tank, composting toilet, greenhouses, and agroforestry gardens.

We look forward to hearing from you!

Basic Volunteer Information

  • Minimum 2 week
  • About $30/week food costs
  • 25 hours of work/week
  • Private rooms available for couples
  • Telephone service
  • No internet access

Volunteer FAQ

If you have any other questions, or wish to confirm that you will be coming, please email: sacredsuenos@gmail.com

or call 099-143-1689 (00-593-99-143-1689 from outside of Ecuador).

Note that we do have phones, but no internet at the farm.

How much does it cost?

The Volunteer fee is $30 per week, and covers food expenses at the Seed Camp.

Can I get there by a car?
No, the farm is about two-hour hike from Vilcabamba. All our supplies are carried by our wonderful hard-working horses and donkey, or on our backs.

Whats the diet on the farm?
We love food! Spending time cooking and eating meals together is an important part of the community at Sacred Sueños. Every week vegetables, fruit and grains are stocked, as well as groceries such as bread, eggs, and milk. Our meals are usually vegetarian. If you have specific food needs, please let us know in advance!

What’s the weather like?
The weather varies throughout the year. In the rainy season (winter months) there is a lot of rain. Normally the rains come in the afternoon so we get most our work done in the morning. In the dry season, it gets nice and warm; about 25C is the average. Again we try to get most the work done in the morning to avoid the heat. At night the low temperature is 13C and we tend to wear warm clothing.

What do I need to bring?
We recommend you bring:

  • Headlamps and/or flashlights to pass the night
  • Good footwear (rubber boots in the rainy season, which you can buy in Vilcabamba)
  • Rain gear (jackets and pants) are useful

Other than that, we have most of what you will need on site! We have plenty of farm clothing that we have collected over the years that volunteers may wear during their stay at Sacred Sueños. We will help all who are missing anything, of course. We have a fantastic library full of books about a wide range of subjects: permaculture, building with natural materials, medicinal plants, botany, whole foods, vegetarian cooking, livestock care, creating conscious communities, meditation, South American history, self-healing, travel, and popular non-fiction novels. Feel free to add to our collection, or bring information, seeds, something from our wishlist, or anything else that you think could help the cause!

What are the work hour expectations?

Volunteers are expected to work 5 days per week, from 9am to 1pm, and one or two hours after lunch. Some daily chores (such as cooking, cleaning, animal care, watering, etc) are rotated among all Seed Camp residents. Members will delegate other jobs that need to be done (which could include trail work, garden and tree care, etc.). There are specific projects that you may be able to commit to, if you choose. Otherwise, you will be assisting a member on their projects. Click here for more information on projects.

Do I need to know Spanish?
We normally speak English on the farm. If you wish to speak in Spanish Yves is fluent, or, as most travelers are interested in learning Spanish, you can arrange group language practice sessions with other interested members of the community.

Can I be guaranteed space?
Don’t bother asking us whether there will be space at a certain time. Travelers change their plans too often to be sure of anything. We cannot guarantee that everyone who has emailed us will have room at the farm upon their arrival to Vilcabamba, unless they pay in advance. This can be done by emailing: sacredsuenos@gmail.com and stating the exact dates you wish to reserve. If we confirm that these dates are available, you can click here to make your reservation. This reservation fee costs $10 per person. It is non-refundable.

Keep in contact with us as your arrival date comes closer, call 099-143-1689 (00-593-99-143-1689 from outside of Ecuador). In cities and most towns in Ecuador, there are places where you may use telephones for relatively cheap to contact us.

How do I get to your place?
We usually go to town only once per week because it is about a 2-2.5 hour hike each way. Therefore, we ask new volunteers to meet us at the organic market on Saturday morning, and we will hike up that afternoon. Please call us (099-143-1689) the Friday before to confirm your space!

To get to Vilcabamba, you can fly into either Guayaquil or Quito, then either fly or take an overnight bus (we recommend Loja Internacional) to Loja. It’s a one hour bus from there.

Where can I leave my bag?
It would be best if you left your things at a hostal in Vilcabamba or with our friend Martha near Cabañas Rio Yambala in Yamburara Alto (we can accompany you to her place on Sunday morning). Since we have extra sheets, blankets, and work clothes, pretty much everything you need is up the mountain for you! If you decide to stay a long while (at least a month) and want to bring more up our horses could help you out on the next logistics trip.

Esta página en Español.


7 thoughts on “Volunteer

    • A year is a long time to stay legally in ecuador. You get visit Ecuador freely for 90 days. This can be broken into many stays through the year, but the days must total 90, from the day you first enter the country. Otherwise, Ecuador offers both 3 and 6 month visas, that cost nearly $300 each, and require proof of wealth, and sometimes police checks. There are no penalties for leaving the country after staying illegally…but you will not be permitted re entry for 9 months. As for the community, we would ask that you stay as a volunteer for a couple weeks, and then we can begin to discuss whether to reduce costs and increase responsibilities. A year would give you the full Sacred Sueños experience!

    • hi Carys, the universal language on the farm is usually English. Please read https://sacredsuenos.wordpress.com/contribute-2/contribute/ for information about our volunteer program. I’m happy to answer any questions you may have.  Thanks,


  1. Hello, I seek to volunteer for the 2 weeks come december. I’m from north America and have been in ecuador a little over a week. I am slowly see sights and visiting communities on my way down from Quito. I’ll be in touch when I get down that way. Looking forward to meeting.

  2. Hi everyone, I´m really interested in contribute with you guys. If we can schedule some time to get in contact and discuss some important points about the fees and the time that I´m gonna be there would be great.

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