Welcome to Wild Blossoms Farm

Whoa, it’s been quite a ride these past several moons.. I can’t think of a time more dramatic .It didn’t look like it was going to be so crazy last verano (the dry and windy season that kind of correlates with a northern summer). I was the sole permanent member, homesteading RADi on my own, while running over to Seed Camp a couple days per week to give suggestions and answer questions. Lukas was the main anchor at Seed Camp through until solstice, and with him, the dry season was full of beautiful people that brought me lots of gratitude and laughter. Matt and Taylor, Matt and Kristine, The Fun Swedes (Linus and Love), helped ease the burden in more ways than one.


After equinox, everybody but Lukas and Kristine had left, and we were settling into a routine. Keisha had written, saying that she and Casey were no longer interested in keeping the goats, but Kristine talked me into taking them. I went from deciding not to have goats anymore, to reluctantly being a goat caretaker, to agreeing into another goat partnership. When will i learn?? So, with her commitment declared, we brought up a male goat for the ladies to enjoy, and everybody got together and in a few days built the main structure for a little goat herder cabin just above the social project.

Around the solstice, the community vibe transformed completely. Lukas bid us farewell, while Keisha, Casey, and Darcy all came back up. Suddenly Seed Camp had a mission! The plan is to fix the place up in order to host retreat style workshops and classes. On top of the members, Jeff, Jen and Michael were an awesome volunteer team that joined the party. They decided to start with an earthbag structure on the north side of the kitchen, where the old oven used to be (and model 3.2 is built and rock(et)ing!). This will become a shower, but became the sink, while the kitchen and dining room moved to the deck and the rest of the old Seed Camp kitchen was gutted. It was sad to see her go. I remember fondly of the days when that WAS Sacred Sueňos. All of it, surrounded by bracken ferns and possibility. It was the perfect cabin for a crazy kid and the beautiful folk who’d come up to visit, help, and call home (Trini, i miss you in particular!).

The kitchen floor was tiled, and new counters were built and tiled. The sink, kitchenware, and table returned, and the library concentrated in the loft. It looks lovely, and will be even more beautiful with the planned cabinets. That, actually, is not the dramatic part that I alluded to at the beginning…


The dramatic part is that… just after the community returned to Seed Camp… Kristine found out that… she was pregnant…and i’m the father…

Considering that i’d been looking into vasectomies for a few years before this moment, you can probably imagine my resistance and regret, but Kristine wants to have the baby, so I can only support her, and the new being about to join the 7 billion as we go on a turbulent ride into the future.

My support starts with RADi, by no longer being RADi. It’s now Wild Blossoms Farm, and i’ll continue my development of the site by focusing on a well designed homestead that raises the animals which Kristine’s interested in raising (the goats, ducks, chickens, and rabbits), and gardens for home consumption as well as for planting a diversity of ingredients for medicinal products, which she sells at the organic market in town. We’re definitely focusing on income generation. I had to skip my yearly fall workation while everybody was away, and was only compensated with enough to last me until March. Since then i’ve been living off of Kristine’s savings. Not a responsible dad. So i’m blessed to have Matt return in July so that i can go off and bring in some financial security. Kristine’s due in mid September, and i plan on returning not too long after that


Until July, keep working on Wild Blossoms Farm. The rabbit runs are finished and ready for a steady stream of bunnies and garden bed material. We’ve already got fifteen, but will reduce it to 8 or so by the time Matt gets here, and will grow when i return. A dozen chicks already roam the new chicken run. A new and improved goat house by the duck pond, and just starting to make cheese (the babies, two sets of triplets, were adorable, but lots of energy. Giving them away is so bittersweet). Half a dozen terraced garden beds have been constructed so far, with plans for many more. On top of that, we hope to finish two small cabins and an apothecary by the time i leave! I couldn’t do it on my own, but luckily Ale returned in the beginning of April! I’m so happy to have her working beside me, and honoured to have her in my life at all, considering the circumstances.

Polyamorous relationships are difficult in any circumstance, more so when sharing a project and home,  and even more so when a pregnancy is involved. But true Love is free. It’s about respect and support and not constraint and possession. I couldn’t imagine how and if our conflicts (between, yes, but mostly within ourselves) could be resolved where it not for the tools given by Non-Violent Communication, and the will of us three to live in harmony.


While i feel this space, Wild Blossoms Farm, to be growing into a communal feel, my connection with the Seed Camp has sadly drifted. Even after the community returned, I was still giving one or two days per week to bring up food and materials with the horses, but no one ever came to help me out on my projects. There were several instances where i thoug thought we were working together and felt holding the stick, and a few instances where i needed help and realized that nobody had my back. So, i’ve decided to step back, and focus on my own projects instead of helping Seed Camp. It feels sad, but the extra days each week that i can dedicate to my projects, and Wild Blossoms Farm, honour me so much more. And with Seed Camp populated by a steady flow of volunteers, i don’t think the burden will be too heavy on them. I’m still always ready to lend a hand if needed, but no longer will allow it to be expected.


It seems like i’ve talked about change a couple of blogs in the past, so i don’t know if this is a theme, or if i’m just over-repetitive? Well, here i go again: While i thought that my life was going to be simple and straight forward on this little remote mountainside, it turns out that my life, my world, has a habit of radically transforming, and my dreams with it. Yes, the sunsets remain stunning, the connection with the land is constant, but those anchors barely seem to hold me within the currents of my social and spiritual being. I still dream of the change i want to make in my life within the next couple years, but in the meantime life will take me to un-imagined places, and all i can do is remind myself to appreciate the ride!