Finding our legs.


Just before opening this laptop, i was comparing the Seed Camp with beautiful little Eleftherios, who’s recently begun the wonderful adventure of walking: Both he and the Seed Camp have found their legs, albeit with some stumbling and a few falls; Both are growing so quickly, and more able to reach further; And both  bring me gratitude and appreciation.

It’s been quite the full house these past few moons. Though Amanda and Ralph left, the dining table has still been sitting 10-12 residents. Good times and lots of progress! 🙂 The gardens have never looked as good, and the chakra (a nearby field for staple crops) is nearly completely contoured, with beds cover-cropped, and water connected from one of our springs. A flat spot has been dug beside the dormitory, and adobes are being made for the upcoming construction of a 27m² den. Roofing and flooring for the Den has been brought up, as have materials for Keisha and Casey’s cabin. The high way, avoiding the worst of the trail between RADi and the Seed Camp, is about half done.  At RADi, some volunteers, a couple awesome interns, and a goat apprentice, all put in some good work. There’s a new spot for bee hives, as well as a cob african top bar hive built. A water reservoir has been started, as has a greywater/future tilapia pond. A couple nurseries have been started for goat browsing plants and living fence posts.

On a personal note… I’ve tried to pull my weight within the Sacred Sueňos community, but i wasn’t as productive back at my house. Of course i did all my chores with goats and cheese, and the little garden space at RADi, and i shared some time explaning and demonstrating to interns and volunteers.. but they did most of the work. i did manage to put in the kitchen floor tiles, but most of my time alone has been spent on brooding. A heart break as well as some solid criticism at a couple community circles have brought me some much needed humility, and led me to some rather melancholy, but very important, soul searching. I’ve been a little turtle, hiding in my shell, while tumbling down a steep hillside. I’m feeling more stable now, and as i peek my head back out, i’m getting a different perspective. I still see Sacred Sueňos, and still honour my sacred contract with the land, but i’m assessing who i am, what archetypes i identify with. i guess my soul is finding its’ own legs. Step by step, i’m overcoming my sadness, and discovering who i am, and what about myself i would like to work on in order to better balance myself. Though i don’t think i’m going through my midlife crisis, it does have some of the symptoms. As of this week, i’m going to hitch hike through California or a few moons, and when i get back, i’ll be fresh and ready to manifest the rest of RADi as an education retreat center, as well as help the seed camp and my beautiful family at Sacred Sueňos!

I want to end this little blog entry with the family here. Not related by blood, but rather by a shared goal to live a life avoiding any link to the social and environmental problems that face global civilization. We share a goal to live our personal lives focused on solutions, rather than the problems. The goal is a beautiful one, a vision that unites our community, from the members who live here permanently, to the volunteers who stay only a couple of weeks. The vision, and the Love we share for one another, has been a powerful glue keeping us together.. but it hasn’t been a fairy tale. It never is. Community can be very difficult, and we have faced (and will continue to face) some growing pains. It’s such a magical moment for me to witness our conflicts during our circles, to see our individual vulnerabilities, to observe the strength of community support, of compassion and compromise. We will continue to practice non-violent communication, to learn how to work together and resolve our conflicts rather than hide them. I don’t know if we’ll ever find perfect harmony amongst one another, or if that is even our desire. I do know that we are growing as individuals as well as a tribe, and we are open to more people joining us and sharing our wonderful vision.  🙂


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