community manifested

The 5th of June marked 9 years since liberating this sacred little mountainside. 9 isn’t usually the biggest anniversary celebration, but this year really is a special one for me. This year i celebrated with a community!


In my last post, i discussed my realization that i was trying to force a community spirit on short term volunteers, and that there needed to be some changes. i let go of imposing a community, restructured the volunteer program, and just as i was writing the blog, community arrived! Thomak, Marietta, and little Leftheri came and fell in Love with the place. Ralph joined them. Andrea was already talking about staying, and this was the final motivation. Keisha and Casey, whom i had given a baby goat early February, decided to join Sacred Sueňos as well (bringing little Butters back to her herd).


And now my world has really changed! I’m no longer supporting the Seed Camp, but visit it several times a week to hang with my beautiful neighbours. We work together on animal Loving day, share our resources, hold circles and ceremonies, and eat together often. What a blessing to have such beautiful people as companions! This is the first year that our capuli’s (a species of cherry), mulberries, and a couple varieties of apples have bore fruit, but this community is the most magical fruit that Sacred Sueňos has produced to date.


With a tribe calling the Seed Camp home, the land is feeling the Love. The gardens are at top form, with a new irrigation system and better techniques. Development has begun at the Chakra, where our field crops will be. Oven model 4a, using rocket stove technology, is complete and working well. Compost creation has sped up significantly. Volunteers get inspired by the motivation and expertise of whomever they are helping, including myself at the RADi site.


As Sacred Sueňos evolves into a community, the RADi center has finally evolved into a home: hammocks strung up; cob bench with small tables built; a kitchen sink and counter; and embedded a music system in the bench and counter. Amanda, who’s company this past few months have made me feel more at home than anything else, created a magnificent mosaic. We also did some initial plantings to test the soil, and like what we see 🙂


RADi has also began a relationship with Global Exchange, a non profit 501(c)3. Through Global Exchange, we are now able to apply for grants, and offer US supporters a tax write-off for their donations.


I’m so grateful for everything that is happening at Sacred Sueňos, and for everyone who has led her on this path! Life is great!!! 🙂