welcome, summer 2011

Sorry that it’s been a while since the last update, but we’ve been pretty busy here, and at least have done some great work updating this website so that you can see more information than this little blog can offer.

In the past half year, the farm has had some remarkable events and changes. We say farewell to our old buddy Rumbi, who’ll forever be chasing avocado pits in my heart. Also departed is little Nukie. Thanks for the help, little buddy. Death and Birth are but of the same circle, and as we remember our lost friends, new ones are born and join the family. Welcome Friendly, the kitten who’s courage exceeds her size, and Spud, our new not-so-courageous guard puppy. Also, the logistics team now has the help of our new horse, Two-Socks, who i’m looking forward to training, feeding, and giving lots of Love.

Jen decided to leave the farm in March, and is enjoying her new path focussing on helping people.

Yves’ cheese has become quite a hit in Vilcabamba, and with the help of his beloved goats, he’s able to make a living and donate some of his money to projects at Sacred Suenos, especially on the RADi site.

The initial site of Sacred Suenos (where volunteers and interns live, now called the Seed Camp), however, is slowly running out of funds. We are exploring ways to raise funds to maintain the site, and would welcome any donations or ideas of income generating projects.

We’ve nearly completed development of an internship program, which will be available as of January 2012, if the world hasn’t ended by then 😉 Check it out! Application deadline for the first term is Octover 21st!

The transition into the dry season has come, so now begins a new phase of projects predicted for the next few months.

At the first gardens, developing a new irrigation regime is a major priority. We want to instal a drip or micro irrigation system that remains cost effective by limiting the amount of materials and rotating them through the gardens. Of course, there will always be help needed with maintaining the gardens, and taking care of the little animals.

At the future RADi center, there’s going to be a lot of construction going on. We’ll be building an adobe bathroom, with a composting toilet and urine diversion (to a biomas basin). At the same time, there will be some pole construction, then tile and canvas roofing, and wooden floor installation. There’s also a greenhouse that could be built, and a few walls that could use murals!

Apart from the buildings, We would like to dig several contour ditches for rainwater harvesting and greywater utilization. The donkey and horse pasture will definitely need some macheteing, and it would also be great to fence it off into smaller sections, with spaces between to plant hedgerows when the rains return.

Contact us if you’d like to participate!

And thanks again for everyone who has participated!! There have been some fun crews come through here, and every day the gardens are more fertile, productive, and diverse. More trees have been planted, the yurt refurbished, an amazing mural painted on the pasture house, and lots of little things fixed and improved. Yves’ especially grateful for the moments he was able to go on vacation and know that the land was in good hands. Thank you!!