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Well, I had planned on sending an update on the equinox, but looks like I’m as late as ever. I have a hard time believing that so much time has passed since I last wrote, yet so much has passed that i don’t know how it could have fit into so few moons.

The new year brought a fantastic crew who revealed the true potential of a farm community here; social synergy and joyful work. While Trini and I focussed on our bedrooms, the rest of the crew finished most of the dorm interior, shelving,the new bodega, extended the greywater system, dug the first of what will be a series of rainwater reservoir ponds, among all the other chores and smaller projects. Near the end of the month, as the crew strength calmed down and most of the participants had left in search of new wonders, Amy arrived and immediately begun to focus her impressively positive energy on revitalizing the garden. She and Trini held the fort through the first half of february while i went on vacation with my mom. Yeah, my mother! It was so great to see her, experience some of Ecuador with her and show her the farm that all of us have been manifesting, my home. i know i´m not the greatest travelling companion, so i appreciate my mothers´ patience during my grouchier moments on the road. Overall, i had a great time travelling and hope mom enjoyed her week on the farm.

A week after that was Trini´s last full day on the farm before her trip to Spain (hopefully to return in just over a month from now). Amy and i had just brought up a donkey train of materials and food from town, and amy decided to cut plants for mulching while lunch cooked. She made a bad swing and her machete chopped through to her knee cap. It was a terrible accident but luckily she didn’t cut any major artery. Another good note was how the crew handled the crisis with calm and responsible teamwork. Thanks expecially to Trini and her nursing experience, and to Carolyn and David for helping me carry Amy down on the stretcher. And to Amy herself for staying calm and positive, for telling us jokes while we fumbled down the mountainside. Doctors in Loja put a nail and screw into her kneecap before stitching her up. They prescribed 5 days of pain killers and told her she´ld be on crutches for several weeks. She didn´t need painkillers after the first day, rode J-0 to the farm a week later, and had thrown aside the crutches to limp around the garden on her own. What an amazing healer!

Anyway, March was pretty hectic, with between 7 and 11 people sharing the kitchen most of the time. The farm became more social than productive, i think. It was a lot for me to handle given my anarchist leadership skills, but luckily there were some cool kids that came through who could keep the place relatively organized while i ran off to machete the hillsides and collect donkey shit. By April, the was a changing of the guard between a couple of those cool kids, and an inspiring farmer couple, and numbers had dropped enough for everyone to eat together at the table again.And now, it´s very quiet, almost. For the first time since august, i had to lock up the kitchen (and newly finished storeroom) when i went down last week. i came up with a young german woman and her 4 year old daughter. i feel like i´m playing at ´family´ except i´m not sleeping with the woman and i can barely communicate with the child.
Hmm, perhaps i´m playing the part of typical father better than i want to… Joking, joking,spare the hatemail daddys everywhere. The truth is, having the sweet little girl around reminds me of how nice it would be to have a family. But i´m all too aware that my committment to this project doesn´t make it very likely that i´ll be living a family life within the next decade. My baby is the fragile soil that i wish to raise into a fertile permaculture paradise; my wife is the manifestation of my dreams for this place. My family is everyone who´s shared my dreams, who contributed their ideas, sweat, and encouragement to get us as far as we´ve gotten at Sacred Suenos, and those who´ll take us beyond tomorrow.

Blah blah, too much talk not enough action. Gotta go shoppin´then get out of this town and head back up to my baby. Hope you´re all doing fine, haven´t deleted this yet, and will write me soon. Take care folks!


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