News update

Well, it’s been 2 years since a couple of crazy kids liberated a little patch of mountainside in the Andes and called it Sacred Sueños. I suppose it’s about time i tried to put you all on a list an send an update.

For the entire 2 years? I’ll give you a condensed version. The first 6 months were dedicated to building the house, and learning about the hardships of pioneering. Thanks to everyone who pitched in to help get the roof up by December, better late than never. And thanks to the December crew for returning my faith in cmmunity (and the trails, fencing, composting toilet….).

Through the next months of rain, swales were dug, gardens began to open up. The house site grew a tool shed, benches, stands, and character (and it continues to grow today). May came and the place was rocking, but as the mountians dried up, so did my company. By the end of June, it was down to crazy Beni and i. Progress was slow, especially with much of our time spent vainly trying to keep hundreds of plants watered during an exceptionally dry dry season. the Aufust crew were my last and very late hope to finish the water tank and relieve the baked gardens. But, alas, the first attempt at capping it failed. i spent September alone, watching most of my babies die, watching fires ravage the nearby mountains, and taking a hard second look at my decision to comit to this project. Trinis’return at the end of the month helped me out quite a bit, and some very special visitors in November returned me to top form.

In rainy December, it was time for another attempt to cement the tank. This time it worked!! i should have been happier, but unfortunately, one of my tank cohorts managed to completely break my heart. Thanks to everyone thereafter who dealt so patiently withg my melancholy moods, and especially thanks to the angels of April/May for gently putting most of my ‘lil heart back together again. For the beginning of January i was alone, playing with the irrigation system and contemmplating the pains of Love, and then people began to show up again.

Through the past rainy season, the house developed even more, no-till gardens sprung up everywhere, and work began on a new building up from the house. the rains definitely brought some blessed folk. By april, we had a 9m2 pole house which is serving as a sweet bedroom and storage underneath for sugar can leaves to be put into the cob first floor walls of a unit to be attached to the pole house. Though i don’t know what wall material, the second floor will have bunk beds to sleep 8 or more! Finally, i’ll be able to offer more than damaged tents to my beautiful, hard working volunteers. After lugging way more sand and stone than initially estimated up the mountain, there’s now a good foundation to lift the cob off the grounnd about 25cm, so i’ll be beginning the cob work by the end of the week! Just have one guy with me now, but Trinni’s coming back from spain very soon, and hopefully more volunteers will come play in the mud with me these next couple of months.

There are so many things that got doone, not mentioned in this condensed version; the mosaics, beehive, chicken tractor, hot shower, and grey water system to name a few. So many great meals, such fantastic company. i’ve really been blessed by all the wonderful people who’ve come through here. It’s amzing how we all, usually with no experience at all, have managed to do so much in just 2 years. And it’s not over yet! i’ll try to keep you all updated, hopefully more often than every 2 years. No promises. i’m also hoping tohear from you!

Anyways, take care, everybody!

yves (abel)

ps greetings from my feathered and furry farmmates; Ina and Criolla the chickens; Rumbi the retrieving pooch; purring Zen and her kitty Nezzie; the humble donkeys, Pacito and pregnant Bonita; and temporary horse helper Tinkerbell!

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